• Costs of Furnace Repair in Carlyle, Il.

    January 11, 2021
  • What Common Furnace Problems Will Cost to Repair

    Keeping up with your home appliances is a big part of every homeowner’s typical life. However, even with regular upkeep, something will definitely need to be replaced. To make sure you are ahead of these common troubles, here are some simple tips to prevent these problems before they can even start.

    1. Dirty Air Filters
    furnace problems

    One of the most common causes of furnace inefficiency is a typical dirty air filter. Having proper airflow through your system is very essential for any appliance to work at its very best. If something is off about the airflow in your system, this will cause poor performance and mediocre indoor quality. Worst case scenario for you is that it can completely shut down your system and leave you with tons of repairs. Thankfully for you and your wallet, this is one of the cheapest and simplest problems to solve. To keep up with good maintenance, make sure you are checking your air filters monthly and replacing them as frequently as need be.

    Estimated Furnace Problems Costs: Replacing these filters can range from about $10-$30. See? Not breaking the bank as we promised.

    Failing Thermostat

    If by some chance your thermostat is not working the best that it can, this can lead to huge problems with your furnace fan.  Luckily enough, these problems can be solved as simply as possible with just a few short steps.

    • Make sure your thermostat is set to the proper heating temperature that it needs to be.
    • Double check the batteries in your system.
    • Make sure the target temperature is set correctly.
    adjusting the thermostat

    Estimated Repair or Replacement Costs: Repair costs will all depend on the time and materials that are then needed. With this being said, the total amount should be expected to be between $150 to $300. Replacement shouldn’t be that much more, you’ll want to discuss this with your experts.

    Electronic Ignition and Pilot Control Problems

    If your pilot controls are damaged or even possibly failing, you will most definitely know with the lack of heat! Typical warning signs include:

    • Yellow, orange, red, or purple flames
    • Flickering
    • Sputtering

    Estimated Repair Costs: These costs will vary depending on what does need repaired or even replaced. One of the best things to do is always ask your experts for an estimate to get you back on the right track.

    • Furnace Turns On and Off Frequently

    If your furnace seems to be short cycling, there can be a variety of causes. First step is always to check your filters for any signs of dirtiness or clogs. After doing this, you will want to check all of your thermostat settings to make sure they are exactly where they need to be. Still having problems after this? It’s time to call in the experts! For you, we are here whenever you need us.

    Estimated Repair Costs: Just the same as electronic ignition and pilot and control problems, these certain costs will vary. Significantly depending on what the experts will find that needs repairs or replacement. Luckily, you’re in good hands.