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One thing that everyone in Carlyle, IL should know is that if you find yourself in a situation with backflow, this is not good. Whether it comes in the form of backpressure, or backflow siphonage, the occurrence of non-potable water streaming back into the usable water supply is a serious potential health crisis situation. If the pressure in the hoses potentially changes for any reason possibly due to pipes freezing, water main bursts, or even when multiple fire hydrants are opened at once, there is a greater chance for there to be a flow reversal. In any case like this, this is no joking matter and can also affect your health and public health as a whole.

To prevent this poor circumstance, a backflow prevention device is highly required. Backflow testing, therefore, is a critical part of the annual maintenance you should undertake for your business. In some places, such as Ohio, businesses (and some residences) with commercial sprinkler systems are forced to have their backflow prevention assemblies tested annually by a certified backflow inspector. The reasons behind this are the different risks that are involved with backflow, and the horrible damage that something like this happening could potentially cause.

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When it is time for your business to go about its own inspection, are you wondering what you should expect during this? To help, here are some helpful tips that we can give you!

Types of backflow prevention devices:

Speaking in terms of the equipment that will be checked during this inspection, there are two possible options to look out for. These are reduced pressure principle devices also known as double check valves. Both of these include a mechanical backflow preventer with is basically a barrier to the backflow.

In order to then prevent backflow siphonage, you need professionals to determine the pressure within your plumbing and see if there is any damage that is causing a problem like this.

What Should You Know?

In different circumstances where you find that the backflow prevention device should be inspected. (Which should occur annually.) Be sure to partner up with a trained, trusted, and licensed professional with plenty of much-needed experience in the area. When this device is tested, the backflow certified plumber will then first turn off what is called the downstream shut-off valve and then wait for several minutes in order for it to have the problem amount of time to register. After this, they will then test the pressure in the system by then hooking up the test kit hoses. When this is happening, this simply means that the plumber is looking for areas where the pressure isn’t what it should be and catching any and all errors and mistakes.

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When looking at the cost of your backflow preventer inspected varies based on your possible location and the companies you may have to choose from. In order to make sure contaminants from anything such as animal feces, pesticides, and fertilizers aren’t getting into your water. With that being said, it is critical to partner with a company that has been around for quite a long time and it also has highly experienced, trusted, trained, and certified backflow professionals at the ready whenever someone is in need of any help or assistance.

For further information that you may need about or companies backflow inspection services or to learn anything you may need on why backflow prevention devices are not only critical for you but also public health as a whole, contact your trusted professionals at Mideastern Plumbing today at (618) 594-3299.