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Do you have trouble controlling the temperature when it’s hot outside? It could be a problem with your air conditioning unit. Call your local A/C experts for the service you need to keep things cool at your home. At Mideastern, we provide a wide variety of air conditioners and comfort systems services to those in Carlyle Illinois and throughout the surrounding areas in Bond, Clinton, Marion, and Washington Counties. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of quality service when your A/C is the only thing that stands between you and a seriously uncomfortable summer day. We use our years of experience and dedicated staff to provide customers with peace of mind, knowing that the help they need is just one call away.

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Air Purification

Do you know what’s in your family’s air supply? Many don’t know that their air conditioning systems can actually be spreading harmful particles and pathogens around your home or business. With air purification products from Mideastern, you can cut down on the harmful things that stick around in your system. Here are some benefits you will see when you decide on air purification for your home:

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Geothermal Energy

With people becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint, many are looking for ways to cut down on energy usage at home. While not for everyone, one option to explore is geothermal systems. Read on for details about benefits and how they work!

How does it work?

Geothermal systems work by using the natural energy and temperature of the Earth to heat and cool homes. Coils buried underground are filled with water or some type of heat-transferring fluid. These coils transfer the energy from the earth to the coils, which helps heat and cool the air that flows through your home.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of geothermal systems include: