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Air Conditioner Repair

With spring right around the corner, we will not have to rely on our furnaces nearly as much as we did in the winter. After months of not being used, homeowners in Nashville, IL may be surprised to find that their air conditioner is not turning on. An air conditioner not turning on can significantly many different issues. Here we will be looking at some common reasons why your air conditioner is not turning on.

Incorrect Air Conditioner Thermostat Settings

One common issue that your air conditioner can have is that the thermostat settings could be preventing it from running. If your furnace is running improperly or not running at all, it could be because your thermostat might be set to auto. You also need to be sure that you have your thermostat set to cool and that the temperature is lower than the temperature in the room currently.

Air Filter Needs to be Replaced

Over time, even when you are not using your air conditioner, its filter can still become dirty over time. The buildup of dirt and dust must be dealt with by replacing your filter when it becomes too dirty. If you do not replace your filter, it could lead to dirt and dust making their way into your air conditioner’s inner components, which could cause damage to it.

Air Conditioner Circuit Breaker Issues

If you notice that your furnace is not turning on, it may not be a problem with your furnace, rather it could be your circuit breaking preventing it from running. Take a look at your circuit breaker panel to see if a power surge could have stopped the electricity from going through. If your circuit breaker tripped, switch it off to on and reset any tripped breakers. Do not try turning your circuit breaker on and off repeatedly as it could be a fire hazard.

Reset The Unit

HVAC Maintenance

If you understand how to reset your air conditioning unit in your Nashville, IL home, you can try that. If you are not sure how to reset your air conditioner, be sure to check out your owner’s manual for instructions on how to reset it. Performing the actions to reset your ac system correctly should fix any issues it might have had.

If you are still having problems after trying these methods to get your air conditioner to turn on in your Nashville, IL home, give our team of HVAC professionals over at Mideastern Plumbing Heating and Cooling a call today!