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If you are the owner of a home in Centralia, IL, then you should know how important keeping your furnace working during the winter is. There are, unfortunately, many common furnace problems that can affect your furnace and prevent it from working properly. Some of these issues can be a simple fix, others may be harder to fix. Here we will be talking about a couple of common issues furnaces have that homeowners need to be fixed.

Problems From Wear and Tear

Over the lifetime of the furnace in your Centralia, IL home, it will suffer wear and tear over time. If not taken care of, this can cause serious damage to your furnace. This is why regular furnace maintenance is important. Having your furnace serviced often means these wear and tear issues can be fixed sooner rather than later.

Thermostat Problems

Sometimes problems with your furnace can be caused by your thermostat. If you notice any issues related to your thermostat, you must get that fixed as soon as possible. The common problem that thermostats have is related to wiring. These issues can be fixed by a skilled HVAC technician.

Filter Related Issues

If you notice that your furnace is having a hard time maintaining the temperature in your home, it could be a sign that the filter on your furnace needs to be replaced. Over time, the filter collected tons of dirt and dust. When the build-up becomes too much, it can affect the way the furnace operates. By replacing your filter regularly, you can be sure that none of the stuff is getting into your furnace.

Problems With Pilot Control

The pilot control is a small flame that is used to ignite your furnace whenever you start it up. Whenever issues with this control pop up, it can make starter your furnace harder and affect the way it performs. If you notice any issues with your pilot control system, it is best to leave this problem to your local HVAC professionals to fix.

Regular General Maintenance

If there is one thing to take out of all of this, having your furnace regularly serviced is important for ensuring that it performs optimally year-round. When during those warmer summer months when you are not using your furnace, it is still important to have it looked at, as issues do not simply go away. Schedule your regular furnace check-ups today.

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