Common Reasons an Air Conditioner is Running Constantly in Salem, IL

fixing constant air flow from ac Salem IL

Summertime is almost here, and that means it is almost time to begin relying on the air conditioner in your Salem, IL home to keep your cool.  After seeing little not no use during the winter and spring, you may find that the air conditioner in your home is not working properly. One of the […]

Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn on in Nashville, IL

AC Repair

With spring right around the corner, we will not have to rely on our furnaces nearly as much as we did in the winter. After months of not being used, homeowners in Nashville, IL may be surprised to find that their air conditioner is not turning on. An air conditioner not turning on can significantly […]

When Its Time to Call for A Furnace Repair in Greenville, IL

HVAC Repair

At this time of the year, Greenville, IL homeowners should already know how important it is to have a working furnace in their home. While there are some smaller issues that might arise that can be fixed without much trouble, there are problems that can occur with furnaces that require the help of a professional […]

Common Furnace Problems in Centralia, IL

Furnace Problems

If you are the owner of a home in Centralia, IL, then you should know how important keeping your furnace working during the winter is. There are, unfortunately, many common furnace problems that can affect your furnace and prevent it from working properly. Some of these issues can be a simple fix, others may be […]

The Importance of Getting a Properly Sized Furnace for Your Breese, IL Home


When homeowners in Breese, IL are looking to install a brand-new furnace or replace their old furnace with a new one, one common misconception they have is getting a bigger furnace is better. While this may seem like sound logic at first, there are many reasons why getting a furnace just because of its size […]

Steps to Follow Before Turning on Your Carlyle, IL Air Conditioner

air conditioner

It is a smart idea to get your Carlyle, IL air conditioner checked out prior to using it full-time in the warm summer months. By checking your unit now, you can do simple repairs, or if you discover a larger issue, you will be able to call a professional to repair the issue for you.  […]

How Do I Know Which Air Conditioning System is Right for My Trenton, IL Home?

air conditioning

Air conditioners are a crucial part of any Trenton, IL home during the summer season. This is why choosing the best air conditioning unit is important for your home, family, and especially your budget. Our team at Mideastern Plumbing, Heating & AC is here to help you decide on which system is best for your […]

Home Cooling Myths That Are Not Productive


No matter if you enjoy the warm spring weather or not, it is hard to ignore the value of an efficient air conditioner in the Carlyle, IL area. There is nothing like a cold, comfortable home on a hot spring day. However, sometimes it costs us more than we expect to keep our homes cool. […]

Replacing Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Together


When it comes to owning a home, there are different choices one must make from time to time. There are different things that need to be put into place, and actions that will solve different problems. However, with this in mind and when it comes to your heating and cooling, some Breese, IL homeowners are […]

Furnace Maintenance Checkup Questions that Carlyle, IL Homeowners Have

maintenance checkup carlyle illinois

Every Carlyle, IL homeowner wants to make sure that their furnace is in pristine condition. Doing regular maintenance can help get you there. Allowing you to stay comfortable while it is still running at peak efficiency. However, we know that thinking about the efficiency of your furnace is not the first thing that is on […]