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No matter if you enjoy the warm spring weather or not, it is hard to ignore the value of an efficient air conditioner in the Carlyle, IL area. There is nothing like a cold, comfortable home on a hot spring day. However, sometimes it costs us more than we expect to keep our homes cool. This is why we have included several debunked myths to help you actually have lower costs and be energy efficient.

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Turning off Your Air Conditioner Will Save Your Money.

We have heard from many people that they power off their AC system when they leave the house in order to save money. However, this is not true. This is because every time you come back home and turn on your system, it has to work so much harder in order to get the comfortable temperatures back into your home.

Turning the air conditioner off when you leave your home for an extended period of time is also counterproductive. While you are saving money, there can be several conditional problems when you get back. This can include humidity causing mold due to summer rains that happen.

When your system is not properly circulating the air can become hot and stagnant. This is why in order to properly ensure that your home is staying cool while saving money while you are gone, turn your thermostat up 7-10 degrees, or nothing lower than 78 degrees, instead of just turning it off.

Closing Vents Improve Your Home’s Cooling

When you close the vents in a room that is unused or one that stays cold, you are actually creating an imbalance in pressure within your home’s ductwork. This will end up hindering your home’s air from being properly distributed. It also can force your home’s cooling system to work harder and can cause duct leaks.

Lower Thermostat Settings Speed Cooling.

No matter what you have previously been told about efficiency, most home cooling myths involve changing the temperature settings. This can include turning the system off and lowering the thermostat will end up forcing the system to cycle on and off more than it needs to. This also creates higher energy costs and creates an unnecessary strain.

This is a common practice when it comes to window units, however, it is not effective if your home uses a central HVAC system. An air conditioner will still run at the same pace even when you switch your thermostat to the lowest possible setting.

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Those of you that constantly change the temperature in order to save money should consider an experienced HVAC technician to install a programmable thermostat. Your technician will advise you on the best ay s to program temperatures in order to reach maximum efficiency.

If you are experiencing issues with your home’s cooling system, make sure to call our team of professionals at Mideastern Plumbing, Heating & AC. We are here to answer any and all HVAC questions you may have!