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It is a smart idea to get your Carlyle, IL air conditioner checked out prior to using it full-time in the warm summer months. By checking your unit now, you can do simple repairs, or if you discover a larger issue, you will be able to call a professional to repair the issue for you.  Doing this before the weather gets too hot is smart, otherwise, you may be dealing with no a/c on a hot summer day.

There are some simple steps that can help you inspect your system in order to make sure that your air conditioning will be working at its peak efficiency.

Indoor Air Conditioner Equipment Is Important

To start checking out your system, turn your thermostat into the “off” position with the temperature set on the highest setting. After doing this, proceed to check the following.

  1. Check the Thermostat: Is your thermostat outdated? If so you could save money and energy by installing a new programmable thermostat in your home.
  2. Check Exposed Ductwork: It is important for you to check your exposed ductwork as this could be a reason for cooling loos or inefficiency.
  3. Check the Air Vents: Make sure to remove any items that could block airflow. This includes toys, furniture, and drapes.
  4. Check the Drain Line: There is a drain line located by the indoor cooling coil. This is typically mounted above the furnace. Try flushing one cup of chlorine bleach down the drain and rinse it with a gallon of water. This will help you keep your drain clear throughout the summer.
  5. Change Your Air Filter: The air filter should be changed out every three months and should especially be changed out before the start of a new cooling season.
  6. Check Circuits: Doing this ensures that all of your electrical connections are working properly.

Outdoor Equipment That Should be Checked

After you have checked out the indoor equipment, next we suggest moving on to inspecting your outdoor unit.

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  1. Inspect the Outdoor Condenser Unit: Check to make sure that there are no blockages in or near the equipment and clean the area directly around your outdoor unit. Vines, debris, and leaves can block the components and affect the overall performance. Also, check to see if there are any missing panels. These panels are designed to house electrical connections. If they are missing this could cause greater issues further down the road.
  2. Check the Refrigerant Lines: The lines should be properly insulated, which will improve the efficiency of the system. Repairs to the insulation or refrigerant lines should be handled by a professional.
  3. Check the Outdoor Wiring: Check to see if the outdoor air conditioner’s wiring is damaged. If so, call a professional to have it repaired before you run your system. Otherwise, you could end up with a total system failure.

No matter what time of year, before you start your air conditioner it is crucial that you make sure it is ready to be used.  Give our team at Mideastern Plumbing, Heating, & A/C a call today! We can make sure your system is ready to go for this upcoming summer season!